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Frequently asked questions for Farmington Hills Limo

We know that spending money on a luxurious party bus or limousine rental is not something that happens all the time for the most of us. You have questions. We want to answer them! No matter how big or small your particular query might be... we wish for you to make a decision that is fully informed and has no doubt behind it.

Here on this page, we have answered some of the more common questions we encounter. So if you are curious about something, this is the page to read. Don't worry if you don't see your particular question answered here though. All you need to do is get in touch with us and we'll be happy to provide the answers you're looking for.

Is drinking of alcoholic beverages permitted on your limousines & party buses?

As long as everyone in your party is of legal drinking age, you are most welcome to partake in adult beverage consumption! That is one of the biggest perks of renting a luxury vehicle from a licensed limo carrier.

What is required in order to book my date?

We require that you first, are 18 years of age or older to sign the contract. We will require a "good faith" deposit to reserve your particular vehicle, and a signed contract.

Can I reserve with cash?

Sorry, no. We require a debit or credit card in order to reserve. Personal checks are not recommended due to the wait time for them to clear. You may pay the balance with cash on the day of your event. Please contact us if you need to pay the balance with a personal check.

Is a particular vehicle available for my event?

In order for us to let you know about availability, we’ll need you to call one of our booking agents, who will give you the information you need quickly. Please have the date and time ready and we will be able to verify the availability of your desired vehicle.

Are we allowed to smoke in the vehicle?

In order for us to keep our vehicles fresh and clean, we do not allow for smoking of any kind to take place in our vehicles.

Is a tip required?

Of course not! The minimal gratuity is included in your cost, but a tip is always greatly appreciated by our chauffeurs.

Can we pick up my friend, or does that cost extra?

Yes we can, and it doesn’t cost extra! Your price includes unlimited stops and mileage, so we can certainly pick up your friend.

Who else has good options for service?

There are many, a few are Vegas Limo Service.