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Farmington Hills Limo - Party Bus & Limousine Pricing Policies

When it comes to pricing of our luxury vehicle rentals and professional transportation services... We remain ever sympathetic with the current state of the economy. We operate with a belief that the people of the Metro Detroit region here in Michigan all deserve a fair shake at enjoying a luxurious experience from time to time. So, we’ve modelled our pricing to reflect our core belief. You can rest easy knowing we base our prices on maintaining our services, not making an exorbitantly large (quick) profit at your expense. In doing business with us, you need to know that our pricing is based on many different variables. Things like demand, material expenses, fuel cost, and employee staffing are all things that can change daily. We base our prices around these ever changing factors... which, is why you won’t be prices on our website. We often adjust our rates to ensure the best pricing possible.

Getting a quote is super easy!

When you call us for pricing, we're going to as a few questions before we can quote your event. All we need to know is where you'll be picked up, where you’re planning on going, how many passengers will be riding with us, and the date & anticipated duration of your needs. With this information, you will be given an accurate and reasonable price quote within minutes.

Here are some ways to save on Limousine & Party Bus rentals.

If you are looking to mitigate the cost, there are a few things you can do. First, you may wish to consider dividing the cost between all of the passengers. When clumped together, each passenger will find that the cost is not much higher than an Uber or Taxi. Another great way to ensure you get the lowest rate possible is to avoid our high demand time-frames. Seasonally, time periods such as early spring through late summer are filled with weddings, sporting events, proms, homecoming dances, and revelers looking to hitch a ride to the hottest concerts in town. On a weekly basis, you'll find that Saturdays are always the highest priced day... Followed by Friday. The rest of the days tend to be much more affordable. If you're looking for more ideas to save money, you can simply reach out to us. We'll be more than happy to do what we can do to help.

More about pricing...

We work hard to help accommodate your needs and your budget. When we quote you a price, it’s all inclusive, and you won’t get any charges that you aren’t expecting. We want to make sure you’re as happy as possible, so be sure to consider us when you’re looking for extravagant transportation!

Looking for a limo or party bus out of town?

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